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How Taxes for Charity Works

The program which will cost you little to nothing and will supply a steady revenue stream fundraiser...


Taxes for Charity1) Your organization will find ways to distribute information to all alumni, students, faculty, etc through email. articles, etc. You are not soliciting donations, your are only informing them of the relationship with and your business or organization. We will supply any advertising needed and create promotional text for you.


Taxes for Charity2) You will be given your own URL (i.e. which will filter them to but use your promotional code.


Taxes for Charity3) For each paid tax return, your organization will receive up to $6 payable to you on May 1st. It's that simple!


FACT: Over 30 million Americans went online last year to file their own tax return. That number is expected to grow to 50 million in the next 5 years. will be a big part of that marketplace while using it as a way to allow organizations like yourself to gain benefit from simply informing your constituents.


Please review and call us, or use the online form, so we can develop your promotional package. Many businesses and charities are currently running the program. You will receive all of the text for articles and emails for distribution in January and February.



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