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Tax Magic Point 11982: The owners of wrote one of the country’s first
computer tax programs - TaxByte.


Tax Magic Point 21987: The owners of create the nationally known
AmeriFile Tax Centers


The owners of AmeriFile have been leaders in the tax preparation industry for over 35 years. James Fromi, in 1982, developed one of our country’s first tax programs for the computer called TaxByte and in 1989 developed one the country’s first personal tax software called TaxMagic. In 1987, he programmed one of the first computer software packages to allow electronic filing to the I.R.S. AmeriFile was born out of this creation and in 1987 allowed individuals to e-file their taxes to the I.R.S. This new function sped up refunds to about 10 days versus 3 months.


Fast forward to 2014… part owners and C.S.U. Alumni Jesse Carr and Adam Nigon change the mission of TaxMagic to include charitable giving. “we will commit a portion of every tax filing fee to charitable causes across the country with over 35% of all Americans filing their taxes online we hope to be able to donate millions of dollars through our Turn Taxes Into Magic campaign.


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For over 25 years AmeriFile has been a trusted name in the tax industry. And now, AmeriFile is setting set out to become the nations’ #1 online tax filing website –! You can try it for free right now!


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